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By His healing hand

Thank you so much for those who have prayed for me when I was down with dengue last July.  Yes, I was bitten by the small, yet deadly Aedes mosquito while on an exploratory trip to Sanggau in west Kalimantan.  Some until today still refuse or can't believe that I was infected.  Nevertheless,thank you so much for your care and concern.
As I procrastinate to put this experience down in writing, one of Rev. Poh's sermons gave me an encouragement and reminded to put this into action.  His sermon entitled, Yam Seng to God, text taken from Psalm 116:12-23.  Verse 12 says, what can I offer the Lord for all His goodness to me?  Indeed there are so much that He has done in my life that I could never pay back.  And in the sermon, he said, "Lift up the cup of salvation and call on Jesus name".  Yes!  With a grateful heart, a receptive heart, a praise full heart and a testifying heart, I am putting this small portion of the many great wonders that Jesus has done in my life into a…

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