Orchid exhibition Show Kuching 2011

How do I get to the exhibitions site?
Well you can take a 40 cents sampan or boat dingy ride across to Astana

This is our water transportation. It sure beats driving which will take about 30mins that goes in a big loop that crosses the Satok bridge which is frequently fill with heavy traffic during peak hours.

Biar Betul, lets do the right thing!

What is there to see?
Well, if you are an orchid lover then, this will be a worth while trip as the center has thousands of these tropical plants flowering in full bloom to be appreciated. Otherwise there is nothing to see or do beside talking a stroll in the park, which can be calming in cooler morning or evening time.

From a photographer point of view, one should bring their macro lens along, otherwise there is not much to shoot as the place is very clutter in photography sense.

Here are some orchid flower photo sample

Entrance is free. And by the way, don't be full by the so call automated gate at the entrance, one need not place their palm to register yourself. It just a gimmick, try using anything to swipe the sensor and it will let you in. :)


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