Paypal Withdrawal in Malaysia

Anyone that trade online should have heard of paypal.

It is an online tool for users to send or request payment with a minimal fee. However, for most Malaysians, they will be unaware that currently paypal withdrawals are limited to selected countries and Malaysia is not included!

I remember seeing a website that provide service to withdraw money for foreign users but misplaced the address. Does anyone out there knows the website or know other ways to withdraw paypal money?

Discuss, thanks


wombie said…
I've never heard of a service like that before. Be careful though. Lots of paypal scams around.

Are you selling something?
黄德峻 said…
there're such service there. but many of them are scam as simmie said. and some charge you quite high. try to google it
Wingz said…
i can help but i charge 10% want anot? :P
MahaguruSia said…
Simmie - thanks and what am I selling? definitely not my hind. kekeke

WTJ- thanks. Malaysians cannot withdraw funds to their local bank account electronically or by paper check but funds can be withdrawn to a U.S. bank account. Therefore, like you said some online website are doing it for a commission. With so many scams going around and phishing, does anyone that knows a reliable site or other alternative?

wingz- wah... you got US account or swiss account to hide all your money ah? 10% a bit high lah
Bryan said…
You can try

They are exchanging USD1 for RM3.70 plus some service charges, quite a good deal actually. Better than some silly guy I have seen exchanging USD1 to only RM3.

Try to contact Thon, the director of AIM-D, before you do any transaction.

Hope this helps. :-)
MahaguruSia said…
Bryan - thanks for the tip. After some searching myself, its seems that having any bank account within paypal selected countries, users can withdraw their money without going through this hassle. In this case, the nearest and easiest place is our neighbour, Singa the pore. I will use this method while we wait until our country is listed as one of paypal partner.

Thanks again all for the comments and emails.
rustum said…
why don't you check out

or the whole discussion thread
ilyana said…
You can withdraw Paypal funds using a US Payroll card. I have them up for sale. I'm selling them on eBay Malaysia:
MahaguruSia said…
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Everquest said…
Well why risk trading your hard-earned Paypal money on unverified websites or persons? You can actually withdraw the Paypal money now but there is a secret to it.

You can view the guarded secret of Paypal usage for Malaysians at:

Hmmm. But now that I have told you I'd have to kill you :(
jumbo said…
You can read this interesting guide on how to use paypal in Malaysia. Fully recommend E-book.

No need to open clickbank.....
Matt Ng said…
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sunny said…
I'd just done my 3rd paypal withdrawal using the service by this website

Pretty good service and fast.
Don't worry. It is not a scam...
they are others who have tried its service and reviewed it at

and here

I tried after the comment from there.
Anonymous said…
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