My Friday Rant

EPF on a gigantic shopping spree, man died because of inhumane hospital policy. So what is new in Malaysian news this week? And what will or rather what can you do about it as a Malaysian? Sit on it? Or bullock about it with your mates at coffee shops?

I am sick and tried of the armchair critics, do this do that, but did nothing about it themselves. Then most of us will go "yalor, what to do..." Yeah, that is our Malaysia Boleh attitude all right.

Sad but true.


Yes, this is good old me. Don't worry I am just a little tired and cranky today. Did not get much sleep after some idiot blared his horn 1 a.m last night!!

Now I truly hate car horns. They are loud and they are irritating! On the other hand, maybe my hate are for the drivers that honk without any civilized manner. Expressing their anger on the road is understandable as they need to express their feeling to the many moronic roaduser.

However car horns are another thing altogether if use at the wrong time and place. In Britain, you'd be forgiven if you thought (quite rightly) it was illegal to sound your horn between the hours of 11.30pm and 07.00am or in fact anytime when a vehicle is stationary, unless it happens to be in an emergency only. Put quite simply, motorists and other road users that consistently flaunt these legal guidelines by noisily sounding their horn outside these rules, are breaking the law.

But do any motorists actually take heed and consider the noise they could be creating? If this is you, please spare a thought for your neighbours and others, do you really need to sound that horn and potentially disturb a lot of people?

Is it really necessary, is it justified, and why do it at 7am or at 2am waking up local neighbourhood who are still sleeping? Or do people even bother to get out the car and knock on the door on their arrival? I wonder if this is a thing of the past, a fact of yester-year where people seemed more considerate, more thoughtful. It's surely not so hard for drivers or visitors to announce their arrival by knocking on doors, or even telephoning. Hello? I wonder what’s the use of mobile phone and door bells?

It could be my over sensitive ears but whenever I hear horns blaring I will go bezerk. You are welcome to share your thoughts, just don't honk when you finish. Argggh... :-)


mwt said…
Thre "Honk! Honk! Honk!" to support you against the indiscrimate trigger happy honkers.

Flash your lights as light trvels much much faster than sound!
anser said…
The best ass hole will be those can't get out of their car to open their gate .. instead the same will "porn" "porn" "porn" at thier maid or kids to open it :(
Samm said…
My CB neighbour never fails to announce her arrival every Saturday afternoon when she comes back to pick up her son for taekwando classes. She'll start honking the moment she turns in from one end of the road and we live at the other end.
MahaguruSia said…
I am rather relief to know that others share the same thought as mine. This blog might not reach a wide audience but I hope this common sense will spread a little at a time.

And since we are on this matter, it made me wonder if there are any provisions or laws in Malaysia that prevent them honking indiscriminately?? I remembered horns cannot be used within the vicinity of a hospital. Or have that law been forgotten or changed?

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