Nothing is free?

I am literally speechless. With so many other sites on the internet, iron fists authorities clamped down on this site because it is considered bad illegal in this country.

As a parent I am glad that there are laws in every country, as I want to shield my children from all evils. However, with so many temptations these days, it is almost an impossible thing to achieved. The sad irony to this case is that we shallow mindedly cover up the subject even though it is known that curiosity is the one that kill the cat. If proper guidance are given the youths on how to differentiate between the right and the wrong, the simple economics' rule of demand and supply will suppress any wrongdoing. But will impose selective governance of free speech help?

However freedom of speech must not be misunderstood for the freedom to abuse the laws.

I want my children to learn sexuality and do not want it to be a taboo subject. I want them to be open about it and yet do not want them to be psychopaths. I want my children to learn the danger of drugs and yet do not want them to be addicts. These will be part and puzzle in life that needs to be dealt with and not avoided.

Can anyone look beyond this box?


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