Blogger's rights

Wat da Fark!? .... OMG, that's my second swear word on my blog and it is because I am ultra cheesed at this. (for English translation click here)

I am not surprised at what happened to HB site, but I am pissed nevertheless. Why? Maybe because I am blogger and if you are a blogger and are reading this, you ought to feel the same too. I never condone any wrong doing nor I encourage any of it but the fact that the rights as a blogger has been compromised and it made me feel violated.

Newspapers have the tendencies to sensationalized news and take information out of context. However as the society matures, the mass media have to be aware, that not all Ah Lian and Ah Beng will fall for it. People have thoughts and the media have a huge responsibility in disseminating intellectual and factual information.

Please do not discriminate. Every bloggers has their own rights and are entitled to free speech.


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