Kuching's Snack Food

Somehow of late, I have not been writing about Kuching food. Maybe because the enthusiasm to lugged my digital camera had dwindled or maybe I hate the funny stares that I get whenever I snap food photos. What, I have horns?!

Anyway, the two photos below were taken during one of those late evening supper food hunt. Oddly Apam Balik pancakes are only available at night in Kuching? Maybe there are stalls selling them during the day that I missed?

Char Siew pau (Roast Pork Bun), Bak pau (Meat Bun), Tau Sar pau (Red bean bun) and Sio Bee (Dumplings) are commonly found in coffee shops around Kuching. Great for breakfast and afternoon tea.

For Kuching famous 'goreng pisang' (banana fritter) post, click HERE and my all time favourite snack, click HERE.


NSDS3HvLDjJd said…
They sell apam baliks during day time at Pasar Minggu, I think.

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