Chai Tao Kueh

Chai Tao Kueh or Chai Tau Kueh? I can't make out the spelling but translation from Kuching Chinese Hokkien to English means radish cake or white carrot cake.

Its a local delicacy, normally eaten for breakfast or afternoon tea and can be found at majority of kueh stalls dotting Kuching City. As shown above in photo, a plate of Chai Tao Kueh. Nowadays, a piece will cost RM0.40 (or 40 cents). Buy 3 pieces, one will usually get a discount at RM1.00 (local knowledge)

I have never seen the actual process of making them but I was told that it was simple? Basically, the white radishes are chopped up and mixed with rice flour and left to set before steaming them. It's then cut into shapes and coat with batter before pan fried.

Usually best serves while hot and for some it goes well by dipping it with a tinge of chili sauce. Biting through the crispy skins is a heavenly experience and once in the mouth, the chunky yet soft textures give an intense flavour of the radish's sweetness!!

Mahaguru as usual prefers his, with a cup of Kopi-O' at his favorite kopi thiam. :-)


Julie said…
i love CARROT CAKE too!!! (=
MahaguruSia said…
Hmm, ur not born in the year of the rabbit, r u? :)
dizzyguy73 said…
Mann!! It cost 50 cents at my place!
Molceonly said…
i only succeed once and never again... pretty hard to make a same finish cake. especially if you intent to make a crispy one... better luck next time.

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