Traditional mooncake

New mooncakes? I am disgusted!

Why? Because I am also a traditionalist. Each year, mooncakes that they churned out are getting weirder. Previously, they came out with sambal paste mooncake! And that was bad enough until they made cheese mooncake! What were they thinking? and where have the tradition gone? Without a doubt mooncakes are becoming a commodity to make quick bucks. As seen lately, even American franchise such as StarBuck are cashing in on them, but at least they maintained the original shape and flavor. With the fast eroding tradition, we all ought to learn and understand more of the history in order to help preserve them.

Traditionally, mooncake is part of Chinese culture where a festival is held on every 15th day of Chinese eight month, to signify the end of the harvest season. Its also called mid autumn festival for its obvious timing reason. Eventhough its a historical event, it's association with myths and lunar legends cannot be denied and this can be seen with the displays of crafted lanterns during the festival nights.

The mooncakes are round in shape to symbolizes unity and are usually served during the festival which also marks as a family reunion. Each mooncake is about the size of a palm. The traditional varieties are the black bean paste (tou-sha), brownish lotus paste (lien-yung) and yellow bean paste (tou-yung). Paste contains the yolk of a preserved duck’s egg were introduced to enhance the flavor and their price.

So for this festive season, do gather the family around after the reunion dinner and enjoy a round of traditional mooncake under the moon lite sky and lanterns.

Have fun :-)


Wingz said…
you know i got a frend who works once a year ... try n guess what he did for a living ? yes u r right! hes the mooncake manufacturer!!! you damn right i dont eat mooncake! he told me mooncake are pretty cheapopo stuffs and they are slaughtering you each year by selling it to you at RM8 bucks a piece!
dizzyguy73 said…
The latest mooncake I tasted - Cham! Mooncake. Tea plus coffee. Urggghhh! OMG!
Gette said…
I'm not gonna knock it till I try it. They look pretty tasty. :-)
MahaguruSia said…
wingz: I go for the normal ones, RM3.00. No yolk, no cholesterol! Furthermore can cut into 8 pieces and feed whole family! keke... :)

Dizzy: Yup, we must be from same generation? Everyone need to chip in to help preserve tradition. :)

Gette: cool... I will try anything new (once in a while) as long as it doesn't kill me. Not that I am encouraging them... :)

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