Sarawak Regatta (with photos)

September 2005: Sarawak Regatta is an annual event listed in Tourism's Malaysia calender. Kuching Waterfront is again the venue for its excellent view facing the Sarawak River.

As usual, all roads leading to the Waterfront have been closed for security reasons and for easy public access. However it irks many people as it causes traffic jam for unsuspecting motorist.

Below is the picture of a well guard VIP entrance. I pay the same taxes and I wonder why I don't get the same treatment? (hehe)

Every year thousands of people dotted Kuching Waterfront to view the water races. Besides the long boat races, other events such as kayaks, sampans and small motorized boats races also attracts attention. One of the eventual winning team paddling across the finish line.

Other teams finishing their race.

Besides the race attractions, hundreds of hawker stalls lined up the street to peddle various food, drinks and wares.

Air bandung, a local malay cordial drinks.

Jagung panggang or grill corns. The sweet corns are cooked over charcoal fire and dabbed with honey or butter.

Kacang puteh or Kacang kuda or peas?

Without failed one will find the local daging panggang. Marinated chicken skewers and their various part such as wings and giblets (heart, liver, and gizzard) roasted over fire.

Kudos, another great event to promote Kuching. I just do not want to see the aftermath with the zillion piles of rubbish. Maybe this year they will be better behave and more civic minded? :-)


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