What do guys talk about?

Ishhh..... I hate this question!

Girls normally asked me, what do you and your buddies talk about?

"Nothing" will be my usual answer.

Yup it's true and seriously, when we guys get together, we talk about nothing. We could sit the whole night playing poker and talk about nothing. We could play golf for 5 straight hours and talked about nothing. It will be hard a women to understand this but when we men talk, we talk about nothing. Gee... (counting) how many nothing have I written? See what I meant.... I have been going about nothing. Is that so hard to understand that we men talk about nothing?

So ladies,... the next time you ask a man what did he talked about with his friends, don't be surprised when he said he talked about nothing. (full stop)



wow! how exciting! LOL im just kidding so dont take this offencively ok?
totoro said…
liar! all we ever talk about is s*x, s*x, s*x...

A-A said…
Depends upon the age-lah.
Tina said…
you talk about - women, football, women, golf, women, food, women, poker, women, liquor and women..lol!

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