Make women want sex more?

Yesterday, I was early for my appointment and to kill time I went into a nearby pharmacy when I over heard this conversation.

Man: Do you sell viagra?
ms.Rx: Do you have prescription?
Man: No
ms.Rx: Sorry I can't sell you any without one.
Man: Then, do you have anything to make women want sex more (hornier)?
mahaguru: (Gee... I want one myself! and inch closer to listen )
ms.Rx: There is no such thing lah boss.

Gentleman (embarrassed) scurried away in disappointment.

Yup, in reality, there is no such wonder medicine. If there is one, I think it will be the product of the century. However, there are many products that 'claimed' to do wonder to women sexual urges. And mostly men fell victim to this con. Are men guilty for wanting to satisfy women?

To me, the man must be looking for ways to make up for his short coming to satisfy his lover. It's understandable in a normal relationship, both men and women wants to please their partner. And to be able to make a women orgasm is a known dark secret that most men want to achieve (aren't women lucky?). However it could be many other reason for his failure, commonly it could be the emotional built up from daily little things that put strains on their relationship. I am no expert and this is only a layman's opinion. Do seek professional counseling should you need help.

So men, beware of what you do (daily) and use as it could be hazardous to both you and your partner. The little things in life counts.

And to women out there, do fake orgasm once in a while. Men like to feel superior, from time to time. :-)


totoro said…
i find it very funny that u actually need to as women to FAKE it... ROTFL!
HOHOHO, fake it? Aren't all women come with inborn knowledge to fake it liao ah? Bertindak mengikut keadaan.
MahaguruSia said…
totoro: hmmm.... see answer below.

5xxmom: The woman speaks! :)

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