Kuching Famous Pisang Goreng

Pisang goreng or banana fritters is yet another old Malaysian favorite snack food and this is a review on Kuching most famous pisang goreng stall.

Kuching's undoubtedly most famous pisang goreng stall is located at Carpenter Street, a road on the left just as one approach the post office. The stall has no name and can be spotted directly outside a Chinese temple. It is currently run by two sisters and their uncle.

I was told by the owners that the stall have been in operation for over 50+ years. Amazing! The two sisters are the 3rd generation managing the hand-me down business.

Only selected banana variant are used for their pisang goreng. After peeling the skins, the core is then sliced into shape and dipped in a special flour mixture. The batter covered bananas are then deep fried in hot oil until golden brown.

Careful frying, to ensure the bananas are cooked at the right pace for crispiness. Golden treasure in the making!

Besides the popular crispy and tasteful pisang goreng, a selection of yams and sweet potatoes are available. My favorite Kerbang or buah sukun however are only available seasonally.

The stall only operate for a short period of time, normally from noon until sold out (4 to 6 p.m) Don't miss it, if you are in the neighborhood. To enjoy, eat them while hot and who knows, one might spot me eating there too. :)


Jason said…
Hmm... Doesn't look the same. Yours is the normal type, which they use flour mixture.

Mine is use spring roll's skin and spread with red bean paste. No flour mixture used.

Very different. :)
MahaguruSia said…
Yup, very different indeed. Call me old fashion but I still prefer them the traditional way. :-)

Besides, it's still cheap and nice.
Anonymous said…
Is it true that goreng pisangs are crispy because they put plastic in the oil?

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