The power of consumer

After reading Paul Ooi post, click here and my recent bad experience in Kuching, maybe we ought to boycott this place?

The above place is known for it's snack food i.e rojaks, prawn fritters (similar to this post) and ice kacang drinks. They started their business many years ago from a humble stall and made it to this current shoplot.

However with higher overhead, they have jack-up their prices to a ridiculous level (make sure to bring enough spare cash and ask for a break down). I made a constructive comment to the owner, since I have been a regular patron to their stall way back then. And was rudely replied, "Want to eat? eat lah, don't want go away." Well, there is some truth to it, and with their current attitude towards customers, I doubt the business will be sustainable. Not all people are that gullible.


totoro said…
Hmmm... in Kuching, I eat home cooked food... hehe.

I think a business that overcharges and doesn't treat their customers properly will eventually die a natural death by themselves.

But if they don't, and people keep coming back and paying the extra money, then their food must be worth it, right? :)

Only time will tell.

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