My thirty year saga

I am going to do this because I have seen a few bloggers did it and I want to reflect my own life as well. So here goes...

30 years ago, I was 4 years old - 1975

Was retrieved from my grandparent's house as mum couldn't bear to leave me there with dozens of other cousin fighting for food. There was no electricity back then and the only water source was from the muddy river. Hey, I didn't complained and it was fun I thought. We moved to town and we were poor, so dad and mum were always working to make ends meet. I was left alone at home to tend to myself. I was totally fine with it and can fend for myself. I had my two dogs, we roamed the nearby jungle, beach and rivers. Yeah I was a wild boy so to speak and love the freedom.

20 years ago, I was 14 years old - 1985

Dad came a long way, from his Honda motorcycle to mini and now a Toyota. But I still have to walk to school. It was a long walk, rain or shine but school was fun, with many friends, girls and sexy teachers. Still worked part time in the bicycle repair shop, where I managed to earned enough to buy my own bicycle. A year later, luck struck me and bought myself a motorcycle and was obsessed with speed ever since. Started racing with it as life was valueless then. The mind of the young and fearless.

10 years ago, I was 24 years old - 1995

Returned from oversea after several wild years in foreign land. Wah, this jungle boy managed to go oversea? Thanks to dad. Then back home, the first thing that I got myself was a driving license! Yup I never had one all these while. Then I bought myself an old junk and was into racing again. Back to the obsession with speed and women, yup that's my youthful life.

Now, at 34 years old - 2005

My own boss, left a non satisfying job many years ago, although the salary was comfortable. The satisfaction and freedom was not there. Although life had been a constant struggle, its been good to me so far. I have learnt a few things along this journey and only now I know, how my parents felt and to appreciate life more each day.

Future 10 years

Will be glad to see all the need's for my family fulfilled by then. I never like to nor can I predict the future but I do plan ahead. Maybe I will get a fast car and model looking girlfriends. I love sleek stuff. ;-)

Now that's my simple life and if you like to share yours, please feel free to leave a message.


Fuwah, 44 years old bachelor in the making. May your wish comes true!
anser said…
fast cars ?? as in fast remote control car is it hahahah
Tina said…
old is gold... like fine wine..hehe
John said…
HI ##NAME##, Now I'm no expert, but that looks a pretty neat blog you've got there. I must remember to come back again, cos you'lll have some more interesting stuff here later I'm sure. See you around, John ##LINK##

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