Seditious, irresponsible posting? Bah!

Being a good preprogrammed Malaysian, I have been taught and told not to write anything related to government or sensitive issues. And with the recent cases of bloggers been reprimanded in various countries, it makes me wonder if free speech really exist or have they been misused?

Now back to my posting.

I live in a suburb governed by a local municipal council, just outskirt of Kuching. They provide services such as waste disposal, grass clearing and miscellaneous maintenances. As the location under their jurisdiction is not in the prime city area, it seems that the standard rendered is also lower compared to the counterpart in Kuching City. Maybe it could be due the wider area to maintain or the insufficient funds allocated and maybe both?

This is apparent as I only get to see the appointed grass cutter contract once a month. Its also give a great sense of relief as they help clear the long grass that hides, god knows what could be in them and it gives the area a kempt civilized look.

Then there is the drain cleaning maintenance that clear up the clog to prevent flash flood and breeding of unwanted mosquitoes. Although this team doesn't come as frequent as the former but when they do.... see pictures for the aftermath.

Rubbish strewn everywhere!!
More rubbish!!
Self cleaning the left overs.
Maybe there was no clear instruction given to the employee or contractor, therefore the rubbish being dumped at the road side (and my flower beds!). Not only its an eye sore but a hap hazard to health as they emit unbearable smell and attracts pest. Authorities concerned should seriously look into this matter as it's ridiculous to see such wastage of time and resources.

And I have paid my assessment, thank you.

* See I am blogging with responsibility? :)


totoro said…
hehe, one paragraph related to the title, and the rest is about the grasscutter.. i kena con... :P

u can take the cut grass and use as fertilizer leh... hehe.
cheayee said…
who knows?


anyway, your fonts are a bit hard to read.
Tina said…
impressed me though..hehe..

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