Sell Sex

Or rather sex sells!

There is no doubt that the word "SEX" sells. It brought you in here in the first place didn't it? And don't worry as there is nothing wrong with you. You are just like the rest of 99% of people that saw the word and have clicked on this page.

So what are you waiting for? Go click around on my pages to support me. It does make me excited! ;-)

And before you leave, do leave a comment or two. Be it bad or good, I am sucker for them.

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Anonymous said…
all foul words sell... try f*ck,sh#t,....
garuda said…
cheap stunt! the least u could do is post a 'home made video' or some porn literature.
n305er said…
Girl knows nothing about the product.
Guys know everything about the product.

Girl have a great body and big boobs. Summore wear push up bra wor!

Guy has very good sales experience and great salesperson.

Why did the girl get 200% more sales volume then the guy?

Ekekek... Real life experience when I worked at the PC fair.. :P
KNNCCB said…
Go to hell la you
MahaguruSia said…
anonymous: Eh? how do I response to an anonymous? and yes the f word sells too.

garuda: it must have stunt you too eh? :)

n305er: hehe, have u been to motorshow fairs!?

knnccb: haha, yup, see you there :)

Interesting replies, keep them coming guys. :)))
Anser said…
Kan ah sai ... ccb ccb .. i thought u sale sex toys hahahha

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