A singaporean girl got creamed!

Walau wei, she got creamed! (PICTURE WAS RECENTLY REMOVED BY ST FOR HER DIGNITY SAKE) And there is no need to further publicized the attention seeking girl's name. Go here to see other pic. Hehe

For those in the dark, beside EPL, we now have this exciting match: Shaolin "Angmo" Tiger Vs. Xia Xue the bit*hy singaporean. It's amazing and an eye opener to read such a blog and coming from a very much Malaysian Angmo, it can put a number of Malaysians to shame. Why can't some Malaysians, especially the ones aboard be more patriotic like him. Maybe he understand and comprehend Malaysia more than some?

To know what it's all about, go read Round two - Xia Xue vs ShaolinTiger. Note: he placed the lady's name first! A true brit gentleman trade mark indeed? Or maybe 2nd round is an away match?? kekeke... Round 1 can be found here.

No worries, no female dog or animals were harm in the process. Bloody 'ell, I have this feeling that at the end, its all about increasing (her or both their) blog traffic?! hehe......

*just added - For part III and final blow, read here.

Mahaguru watching from his grandstand.


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