Love thy neighbors

The term is not new and everyone knows the meaning. Neighbors, in Malaysian cities, are people that live next door that we rare see these days. And how are we to love someone that we don't even know?

This phenomena is worsening, no thanks to the hectic life style and pride. House designs and isolated apartment cubicle are to be blame as well. While at home, neighbors are often consider as a nuisance with irritable sound and noisy children. But those are just excuses and why are we not making the effort to know them? Are we that selfish and arrogant?

Been a kampung boy myself, I knew all my neighbors. I played with the kids and I get invited over to eat at their place all the time. While the adults mingled freely without any prejudice and talk about anything under the sun. Maybe because we got to know and learn to respect each other as neighbors.

In order to get respect and needs that we regard as our own, start by getting to know our neighbor. The next time you see your neighbor, try to make eye contact or make the first move by waving hand as a simple gesture. And remember to smile. :-)

Good Luck


mong said…
yes, it is a must that everyone should be a nice neighbor...
Wingz said…
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MahaguruSia said…
mong: yes and have u said hello to your neighbor today? :)

wingz: it could have been a miscommunication? At times, maybe the other people didn't realized that we are talking to them. Did you call out his name and look at him before wishing him? Or maybe it was a bad timing, everyone have those days? Just my guesses :)
Tina said…
It is so often forgotten, so seldom remembered, "Thou shalt love thy neighbours as thyself" ..:)

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