Gambir Sarawak

Have you ever been to Kuching, Sarawak? Even if you have not, most Malaysian have heard of Gambir Sarawak. For those that had the pleasure of visiting Kuching, you would have noticed little signage of "Gambir Sarawak Asli" or original Gambir Sarawak almost everywhere as you stroll along the old town area.

So what is Gambir Sarawak? Gambir found in Sarawak is actually a tree/shrub, that used to be popular for chewing with betelnut. Traditionally about 1/4 of a whole betel nut would be wrap inside a leaf with a pinch of lime and a little gambir flavoring, the whole quid would be chewed, swallowing the secreted juices. Beside that, its also known to be used as an important leather tanning material. There is even a street named after it, Gambir Street, as gambir and other spices were actively traded back in the early 1900's.

Over the year, the usage of gambir tree bark have been diversified. The kampung (village) folks uses them to cure gum and tooth ache by placing it in the affected area. Its also believed to be able to cure sinus pain and relief insect bites. To date there have been no scientific studies carried on them but it is believed that it contains a local anesthetic property.

Nowadays, due to human ingenuity, Gambir Sarawak is mostly sought after as a sex aid. Aphrodisiac or "tambah power" as some claimed. Its normally used by men to prolong (local version of spanish fly) and help penis erections. Gambir bark measuring 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch are normally sold in individual packet. Usage of gambir is simple and small amount are recommended for first time user as the sensation could be overwhelming.

Photo picture of Gambir Sarawak

1. Tear a small piece, about ¼ and place in palm
2. Drip a few drops of water on the gambir
3. Twirl to mix water and gambir for a minute
4. Apply to penis and wait for 1-3 minutes
5. Remember to rinse the excess off as it will heat up like menthol
6. And ride into the night

** Warning, kindly consult your doctor before performing vigorous long endurance exercise. Ejectculation might be severely delayed, not for use in quickies. :-)

Although it's mainly used by men, there have been reports that women that uses them, loves the burning sensation on their clitoris / labia and have achieved multiple orgasms due to the tingling sensation and the prolong performance by their lover. Note: the affect might differ with each individual. There has not been any report of side affect or allergy due to gambir as it is made from natural organic material. If unsure, do try on a small skin surface before hand.

Where to buy? Its commonly available at five-foot way along shop houses sold by unlicensed peddlers at their makeshift stalls. Since they are on the move all the time, people should be weary of what or from whom they buy it from, as it could be fake. For those interested in genuine gambir or any questions, kindly email me for assistance. Confidentiality will be assured.

RM10.00 per unit, postage add RM7.00
(express post within Malaysia)
* For foreign order please email your quantity required and postal code for shipping cost estimate. I accept Pay Pal.

Another hidden wonder of Sarawak, brought to you by mahagurusia. :-)



chikanoz said…
i want can ah? hahaha..
delivery in KL can be done? is the same charges applyed?
Anonymous said…
aiyo, since when u becomes this lah? teruk kes
Anonymous said…
aiyo, since when u becomes this lah? teruk kes
Wingz said…
wuahahahaha viagra al naturel ... cheap sommo!!! I WANT ~~~
MahaguruSia said…
Haha... this is not me! I am just writing this for the sake of writing. I am really nice person in real life... serious! Why don't you all believe me? kekeke.....
Chen said…
Hahhaa.. I have see gambir but just that I don't bother to find out what is it for previously ...
Now I know :P
Erection said…
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I undoubtedly fancy your site, I bookmarked it! This information is fantastic stuff.
bestest said…
Thank you mahagurusia for the gambir sarawak. Fast delivery!! :)
Anonymous said…
can still buy from you?
superscary said…
can we get it? this is news to us..
Anonymous said…
Kerja bohong!

Jimat wang beli Cialis atau Viagara lebih bermakna daripada pompuan syok sendiri, baik dia tidur dengan timun!

Mat Kolot
Hi there,
I wanted to know if you are still selling this product and if you are can you ship it all the way to the UK and how much is one unit and what's the postage gonna cost?

MahaguruSia said…
Let me get this straight, I don't sell this thing for a living. :) I only help my blog readers to obtain them. Email me should you need any help. Thanks.
Paul from UK said…
Many thanks for sending the Gambir to me.
Anonymous said…
wow, thanks dude. I received the package yesterday.
Anonymous said…
I want to buy this, please email me: Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Hi I do not agree with all of you!
Anonymous said…
Hi Exactly as you say.
Anonymous said…
Hi. I would like to buy some. Please email

Anonymous said…

I wish you order 35 pieces Gambir sarawak bark small. I live in France and I would like to order 35 units please. could you tell me the price of gambir sarawak bark small, please.

Could you tell me if I can pay with western union?

Could you give me instructions for you order the sarawak gambir.

Thank you for your response.
God bless you. Incha Allah, Barack Allah Oufik.
My adress mail :

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