Sick Pervert

Disgustingly, one of my top post that gave high traffic to my blog is this post;

Gambir Sarawak.

The post started out as a impromptu posting many years ago because it was something unique to Sarawak but it became a nuisance over the years. People asked a lot of quirky questions. Some curious, some laugh and some even request my help to buy the gambirs, which I obligingly help out. But sadly this become a sadistic sexual product that sick men and women sought after.

Majority of people that buy this gambir sarawak are from semenanjung malaysia or west malaysia. I just couldn't understand why they have this fascination or indulgent in using this gambir? Everything is sexual to them. Need to last longer, need to be more powerful, need to be more kuat. For Batin? Tambah kuat? Or you all have pre mature ejaculation problem? Why everything evolve sexual satisfaction. Is this what you people are all about?


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