How to kill spam?

After my recent post, click here.

I have been told that the easiest way to kill spam, is this way:

Viagra induced pussy cat. ;-)


Hisyam said…
spam emails? spam comments?
If email, just get gmail.
If comments, don't use blogger. Get a site that host wordpress.
Tina said…
omg! lol this is so cute!! nice one.
Wingz said…
hahaha the cat is so kelakar lar taikor!
MahaguruSia said…
hisyam: thks for the info

tina: yes, yes I know I am cute (blush)

wingz: wah, I can make taikor wingz lap (laugh)? An honour man! lol
Wingz said…
phuiyo ... lucky i got read .. i no taikor lar .. i small fly only .. taikor is ler ...

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