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Remembered those schooling years in Malaysia? And how many times you have been asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I vividly remembered, doctor always being one of the most popular answers.

Though it didn't came as a surprise as most children were clueless to what they want to be and parent's influence were hard to be ignored. Back then, the monetary return and secured future as a doctor was worshipped upon. Thus it was every parent's hope and dream for their kid to become one. Believe it or not, this somehow still holds true until these days in Malaysia.

Like many, I never became a doctor myself because I had the liberty to choose a different path. I really admire those that took up medicine because they cared and did it for a noble cause. However due to the nature of my work, I was exposed to a few ugly side of the life being a Malaysian doctor in Kuching.

For those that have been forced to take up the profession, mainly by their parents, I can imagine their suffering. It takes a minimum of 5-7 years to complete a doctorate degree. With internship, that's another 3-5 year and discounting the extra 2 years for specialist course before they enter the workforce. These could have easily put them in the 30's age bracket, while other graduates have tasted rewards for having work many light years before them. It's understandable with so much commitment in time and money invested, some doctors feels that they need to make ground for what they lost, hence the selfish and money minded attitude.

Life as a doctor is not as rosy as people think. The long hard hours they had to put in and at time they never see sunshine. Its even harder to imagine what their social life are like. With limited human interaction, their patient to doctor communication also suffers. Many doctors are known to stay mum about their patient's condition without elaborating further. They give medication without explaining the implication and some even perform procedure without giving them options. And all they care about are their reputation and the money from performing procedures.

Then there is the patient life's responsibility. The pressure is so enormous that they need constant update on current medical journal and drug information, otherwise they will fall behind with so many new medical findings and the ever changing diseases. With their limited time for themselves, its scary to imagine them having time for their continuing education and least to say being up to date.

The observations made are just on a minority but its forming an alarming trend. Should business is in their agenda, maybe those doctors ought to be move into the business world instead of being in this noble profession?


If my doctor friends are reading this, hehe.... I know you guys are not in it for the money. Salute


Tina said…
my son wants to be a Power Ranger! lol!
MahaguruSia said…
Tina: kekeke... good on him. At least he can help save people too. :)

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