Kuching Old Rex Cucur

Gee... I am not old but I feel old.

As whenever I mentioned Rex, most youngsters thesedays will not have a clue of what I am talking about. Rex was the name of a defunct cinema in Kuching. It have been since demolished and the old site now sits a multi storey car park with the latest Cineplex on it's top floor.

The old rex was also known for its various food stall besides its obvious movie theatre. After they tore down the building, all the famous stalls were either relocated or wind down their business. Over the years I have managed to hunt down the few stalls that used to sell my favorite, mainly fried chickens, sotong kangkong, satays and cucur udang.

Cucur udang is a malay word that means deep fried prawn or better known as "Hay-Peah" by local Chinese, is another of my favorite. Hay peah or prawn biscuit/fritters, is made by deep frying a mixture of flour batter with prawns. Its serves with cucumber and the must have home made chili sauce topped with ground peanuts.

Besides Hay-peah, a selection of yams, sweet potatoes, fish balls, and my favorite chicken bishop nose (google searchsite not much help! hehe) is also available and they are all deep fried as well. Not much help in reducing cholesterol but its another heavenly snack with my kopi-O. Slurp!


morituri said…
You've made my mouth water! My brother used to bring me to the old Rex all the time. Lovely bit of grub.
NSDS3HvLDjJd said…
I don't know Rex, but I know where Sylvia is (was). The rojak at the open-air stalls near Electra House is good too.
boo_licious said…
The Cucur Udang looks good. Wow, fried bishop's nose sounds very interesting. Hopefully they clean it well or else it'll stink.
Anonymous said…
brother, you missed out the most important info .. where is the stall now? WHERE ???
MahaguruSia said…
On the contrary, bishop nose is not where the "output" segment (the latter is located way below the bishop nose.) BN is one of the softest part and the sweetest. It's known to give good facial complexion for people that consumed them. Now the secret is out, I am worried Kuching might run out of my delicious bishop nose due to the sudden surge in demands! :-)

As for the location, I seldom reveal any names publicly. If you wish, email me and I give them out privately. Tenqiu

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