Hazy days ahead.

What's the big deal with haze anyway?

After experiencing it for the past 10 years, we should have gotten immune to it. The recent lifted ban on API or Air Pollution Index, meant nothing if prevention was not initiated in the first place. Its also ridiculous to see ministers and government agencies scramble to hold meetings, only when the situation got worst. Memang Malaysia Boleh.

In this event, the few people that that I foresee benefiting out of this haze are:
  • hospitals and clinic, due to more haze related illness
  • mask producers, especially those promoted by TV announcers
  • smokers, with hands free ciggy, just inhale.
  • air purifiers or ionizer seller
  • Air conditioning companies
  • and electric company for higher consumption

Oh ya, how can I forget the ice kacang man. Cool man (pun intended)


Anser said…
"mask producers …” - it should be FREE,
smokers, with free hands free ciggy, just inhale. (YES AGREE but nothing beat the smoke come out from the BUS)
air purifiers or ionizer seller … No doubt about it 1000% profit

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