Slow killer haze

The annual lung choking haze is back in Kuching, Sarawak.

I couldn't pull the camera trigger this morning as I reckon a blank hazy white page does not make a good photo. This man made health hazard phenomena is getting worst each year. Shifting cultivations and new land clearing were to be blamed. Fingers pointing seems to be the easy way out and after numerous expensive high level government meeting, nothing was done as usual. All the talk goes up in smoke, so to speak.

The haze normally occurs in this region during the dry season, starting from May to August. Extensive burning that lead to underground peat soil fires are the major cause and couple with low rain fall during the period, made the condition unbearable. From the economic point of view, its a disaster especially for the tourism industry. Holiday maker definitely did not have this uncomfortable irritant in mind.

Will there be an end to this old age tradition of burning and when will people and corporate entity act more responsible? It's only the future of the next generation we are talking about. So please do your part.


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