Good old TV series

Top 10 TV programs that I remembered:

  • Kojak (Telly the detective)
  • Dallas (Jr. Ewing & Sue Ellen)
  • Falcon Crest (Love & hate in Tuscany Valley)
  • The Walton's (Good night John Boy)
  • Lessie (the smart woof woof)
  • Chips (The traffic policemen on motorcycles)
  • Little house on the prairie (Laura!!)
  • 6 million dollar man (I broke my leg becos of him)
  • Bionic woman (in the end she married Steve)
  • Mission impossible (yes, it not a movie but a series)

Anyone care to add their favorite? :-)


Jem said…
What about Giant Robot?
kakisembang said…
MacGyver ;)
MahaguruSia said…
jem : Giant Robot? u meant Ultraman? :)

mypapit : not bad

Here are a few more, Knight rider, Sesame Street, Fred Flinstone, M.A.S.H, The jetsons, Eight is Enough, Zorro, The Hulk ... Watch this space for more goodies :-)
Tina said…
hmmm... my guess, you're in your late 30s? 40s? hehe..
MahaguruSia said…
haha Tina! No lah. But you are close :) So whats your favorite?

Here's a few more, The Cosby Show, The fat albert and how can I forget Charlie's Angels!!! ;-)
Anser said…
A Team ... MR. T hahahaha
NSDS3HvLDjJd said…
Star Trek, Getsmart,MacGyver,Star Trek: TNG.
Tina said…
I'd say Little House on the Prairie..learnt a lot watching it..

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