Where are you from?

Moments ago, I did a search on Google's SiteSearch and to my amazement, I found 15,600 entries related to Kuching blog!

Then came the questions, how many bloggers are from Kuching? How many people from Kuching that have read my blog? How many are from Sarawak? and how many are Malaysians? It's also indeed encouraging to receive emails from people around the world and knowing that my simple blog have reached out to people around the world, is simple astonishing.

A simple request if you are reading this, as I am intrigue to know my readers origin. Do leave comments or simply just type in the country you are from. To protect privacy I have turned on the anonymous setting. Or if you prefer to send me an email, click the address in my profile. I love emails. :)

mahagurusia (Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)


bibliobibuli said…
Why not install Sitemeter on your blog? Then you will be able to see for yourself who drops by.

I'm British living in KL and I clicked from PPS. Not very exotic, I know. :-P
NSDS3HvLDjJd said…
I'm from Kuching and I read your blog :) Have a list of Sarawak bloggers in my bookmarks.

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