Branded stuff

Innovative ideas.

They use TV advertisement, flashing neon lights, big billboards and models in magazines. Truly, my hat off to the marketing companies and top notch advertiser as they did wonders. They created brand awareness.

Many managed to turn merchandise into one that people worship and crazy enough to fork out more, just to own. It even ingrain a perception that owing a branded item makes one more superior. Amazing! A similar item and yet because its not known to the public because millions were not spent on advertising them, its consider to be cheap and unworthy to be seen with. For me, as long the item serve the purpose and in good quality, it A-okay. And good quality doesn't always mean paying more.

Be a savy consumer.


mwt said…
You are a wise man utilizing your wisdom which comes from the integration of knowledge, consciousness and conditioning as you discover and follow your path or purpose in life.

Why do so many find identities in an expensive handbag, a watch, a pair of jeans or shirt?

Why is Ralph, Nike, Coke, McDonald's, Delifrance or KFC an inseparable part of their lives?

Why are these sales gimmicks in supermarkets or shopping mall so inviting?

You are very sensible and practical in NOT falling into this Brand BUYING TRAP and get conned by the manipulative ads and aggressive marketing - making you spend more or unnecessarily and worship brands
Anser said…
Yeah must adpot the PLC thinkin ... but somehow the mentality of majority human think a like when it come into brand blah blah .. ;-0

Nevertheless, good and practical stuff seldom come hand in hand .. which is suck ;-X

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