Hazy sighting

It is indeed depressing to watch the current haze situation on TV.

What made it worst was a particular interview last night with an assistant minister from JAS (environment department?) When asked by the reporter on when cloud seeding (to induce artificial rain) will be carried out. She confidently said that no plane can fly out of Subang airport and directed the fault to another department, quoting the Aviation department have closed down the airport. A typical finger pointing answer whenever there is a problem or no solution can be found? I guess plane cannot fly from the other many airports that are open (ah) ? Really beh tahan!

So what to do during this down time? Recommended readings are as follows:

1. Fun things to do by Simon sure can talk
2. Play rojak hide and seek by everyday rojak
3. Feeling dizzy symptom by dizzy man himself
4. Play with adult toys by choke & gag 5xxmom

A recent quote "My prayers are with you all. What to do....?" :-)


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