Understanding women

How to understand women?

A lot have been said and written about women and at times when men have thought that they have understood them, the women species proved us wrong, everytime. If a woman ever asked a question, men are expected to .... let me rephrased, have-to give an answer but it will never be the correct answer (that women wants to hear).

So is there ever a choice for us, MEN? *sigh*


Jem said…
Someone once said, "you could only love a woman, you could never understand them"
siao ta bo said…
Warh... lilian got upgrade to XX size? Check ur ping in PPS.

5 "XX" mom
S-Kay said…
LOL..you must read this then =P

Eh, apasal bukan 5xxx? ish!
MahaguruSia said…
Good one jem.

siao ta bo! LOL. Men cant type!

s-kay, thanks for confusing me

5xmom, sorry & is that a question?
Ha? What? What? I do not even know who is kucing gatal except for the neighbourhood cat with fleas. Why ler, put my name together? Is there a connection? 'Cos I don't read every blog so I may have missed out something you were trying to point to? And yes, this is a tricky question. You have the right to remain silent, whatever you said can and will be held against you yadda yadda yadda. LOL!
MahaguruSia said…
Gee... some women are so picky! this cannot, that cannot, put name near also cannot. Aiyo.. no wonder some men goes bonker and most of them chose to be silent. Get it, ladies? :))
Kucing Gatal said…
Did someone mention my name?

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