Yap & SL goes Kuching (Day 2, I&II)

19th August

We headed out to Camp Permai which is located about 30+ km from Kuching City. It's situated at the foot of ledendary Mount Santubong. A heaven for adventure seekers and are known for its camping ground and jungle tracks. With lush forest and cyrstal clear streams flowing out into the South China Sea, it's naturally a great place to wind down and see wildlife up close.

Waloi wei, so many rules one ah! Singapore in the making!

Key to our tree house

Heading to the tree house....

End of Day 2, Part II

The last caption was added as a joke. I am sure that they had a great time as I did :-)


Anser said…
The last caption was a good one ;-)
Fiona said…
Lol.. treehouse at Camp Permai? Hell, its a retreat place lar! Was thrown there for a blardee ONE full week!! Damn.. no tv, no radio... no TELEPHONE!!! Haha.. worst of, when it rains.. you can't even blardee use your cell :/ Want to eat also cham... walk miles and miles.. (yeah.. don't even think about room service :P)
MahaguruSia said…
Anser : Tenqiu :-)

Fiona : Contradicting yourself? It's a retreat place alrite. Back to the nature thingo. If you want all the amenities? go back to city / office or if you wish Damai Holiday Inn might be a better place. Thanks for visiting. :-)

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