Charity anonymous

Charity starts at home. I also believe that charity should be done because one really cares and be done discreetly.

As seen recently, many organizations and individuals are doing them for publicity and fame. Some even do it for tax exemptions! Indeed its an ego booster for some to get their photo printed on mass media, just because they did some charitable work? There is no doubt that some do it for a noble cause. So if one truly cares, does it matter if nobody knows?

It's what inside of your heart that really counts.


Simon said…
this is an anonymous comment. By Simon.
Anser said…
I agree that charity start from the heart .. but then the recent NKF saga in Sin City is really an eye opening ....

Worst of is that not 100% of your RM1 buck donation go to the charity ... instead it have been share / split among those who org the charity. n is sucks

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