Something different (Breakfast category)

Ever ran out of ideas on what to eat every morning? For me it have been a lot of noodles, noodle, noodle and more noodles.

Accidentally I found this little hidden stall at a local coffee shop. No noodle! and it is not Kuching's normal type of breakfast, so I was gamed.

I could not figured out the dish name as it was written in Chinese and the omelette or crepe in the picture looks irresistible so I ordered one, the special. The RM3.00 special comes with meat filling. Pan fried to perfection and not too oily, a good breakfast or brunch for those that wants a change.

What intrigued me, was the lady's good nature and coordination skill. Finally someone that can equal my crepe flipping skills! Thumbs up from me.


j o e l said…
where's this coffeeshop? looks good =)
NSDS3HvLDjJd said…
Wow, a rare one in Kuching!
Makan Kings said…
wow! Looks good. Care to share the location of the shop?

-Makan Kings-
MahaguruSia said…
If I am not mistaken its called Lee coffee shop (3 rows of shop), where the old wang shan wang restaurant used to be, behind Asia insurance office. Happy hunting.

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