Sex, Golf and Marriage

We have all heard of these 3 words before. And I believe that they are closely related.

The reasons are simple, as sex, golf and marriage all need regular foreplays, reviewing and maintenances. Life cycle will be incomplete without one of them. A friend (anonymous) recently got hitched and have been complaining about his bad golf games that were getting worst. I repeatedly told him that it was a norm after marriage and since he is in his first year aka. honeymoon period, he will need to find his footing in all the 3 categories. When he sort out his new life and find the equilibriums, everything ought to fall in place. Importantly the golf game will come back naturally and eventually.

Good sex, good golf and good marriage are 90% mental and 10% physical but when they are bad, its 90% physical bruises most of the time.


Anonymous said…
CCBai ... what more can i say ???? other than thanks lo ;-)

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