Titleist Driver 905T on course review

I was in luck and managed to get hold of a used but spanking new Titleist 905T driver with Fujikura Speeder Stiff shaft attached to a sexy looking 9.5 degree 400cc head.

The heavy stock speeder shaft was definitely not my top choice as I did not like it during my try out during Titleist Demo Day a week ago. Grafalloy Blue and Aldila NV 65 would have been more ideal for me and since I have no other choice I took it and headed for the driving range. After a brief warm-up session, I was ready and hit several shots. Initially the ball flights look almost similar to my current 983K with custom order 661 Fujikura Speeder shaft. However the feel at impact were much livelier. Thus it gave a hotter ball flights and higher trajectories which were easily achieved even when it was 1 degree lower than my 983K. The most pronounce improvement that I observed was the extra roll that it produced.

The real test began at the first hole, a rather short par 5 (466m/508y), My! the trajectory came off hotter than that I would have expected which I concluded was due to the better ball (titleist proV 392) compare to the worn out driving range balls. The ball seems to be hoovering in the air forever and when it landed, it kept rolling. An easy 300+ yard drive!! For the entire round, I was virtually playing a new course as I was hitting it to distance that I only could have only dream off. The increased head size and playability, definitely makes the 905T the most forgiving Titleist driver to date. However my only gripe is the heavy shaft which tend to tired me out which translate to my only bad hole on 17th and it still flew a good 200yards! It definitely lived up to Titleist slogan, serious clubs for serious golfers.

For Titleist players that are using the 983K and other 9** series drivers, this will be an easy transition, as the 905T maintained Titleist similar classic profile which is visually pleasing to the eyes at setup. Do not trust my word just because I am a die hard Titleist fan, go out and get one and enjoy yourself.


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