19 August 2005

Finally Yap made it to KGS. A webpage supposed to be up and running in January, click here. Cannot access? Don't worry I have tried for many months, clicked here again. See what I meant?

Since the game was on Friday, I called up the evening before to confirm my booking that I made the week before and was shocked to find that it was cancelled off the list without any notification or what so ever! I was rather upset as I could not get the booking sorted out as the office was closed for the day. Luckily it was solved the next morning by one of my friend, otherwise it would have been an ugly confrontation if I got there earlier. In a way we were lucky to get in and had the whole championship course to ourself as it was supposedly closed for Sarawak Amateur tournament practice round.

Yap standing on the index 1 tee box after playing the signature par 3, (below)

At the half way house, quashing his thirst

At the start of KGS's very own Amen Corner, Hole 16th, 17th and 18th

The scores that day did not reflect the fun game we had. With excellent weather and great company among friends, what else could a golfer asked for. Until the next round buddy. :-)


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