At the end

What is the difference?

Is it just me or what? But I sensed that people are getting more selfish thesedays. This is felt more apparent over the years. Maybe it is because of time and age? or maybe because I came from a small town, where people lived in a close knitted community and materialism doesn't exist. People are happy with what they have. Living their life, day to day and saving enough for rainy days and their family future.

As we progressed, people living across major cities run a similar race, the so called rat race. Each individual trying to out do one another or themselves? One have to think big, talk big, big man syndrome stuff, rushing to make zillions, basically money talks louder! Money can buy expensive branded items, luxurious holidays and to have a better life but often at what price? Family are often neglected and enemies created.

At the end of it, what is there to have when its just dust. So what is the difference?


Tina said…
Money can't buy you TRUE love, peace and joy.
Anser said…
Fully would not disagree with your statement ... and I do like to adopt those lifestyles .. but somehow when u are in the Rome, u have to do as the Rome do la (but moderate).. or else one may fall behind and being isolated (not that extreme la) hahhaha
MahaguruSia said…
Tina: very TRUE.... :)

Anser: what does it got to do with Rome and falling behind? Choices are for you to make. And got such people as moderate Romans meh? :)
Anser said…
Aiyaa .. just some engliek saying la ..TNS
MahaguruSia said…
anser: Romans speaky da engelik??! :)

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