Chinese united

We are one big family. It's an old Chinese saying that I still stand by.

I seldom observe politics but the recent tussle in MCA (Malaysia Chinese Association) caught my attention. It's about power and indirectly it's about money, which comes with the control. Lets hope they will come to their senses soon before any serious breakup in the family, afterall the losers are ourself as Chinese.

Sadly, Chinese people are segregating themselves more in the recent years. As seen lately, various Chinese associations mushroomed. There are the Hokkien association, Hakka, Teochew, Foochow and list goes on. Then there are the subdivision by clan names, the Chan, Lim, Lee, Ling etc. I never join any of this association as I believe its unhealthy and against the old Chinese saying that I believe in. Why discriminate and divide ourself? We should be united as one big happy family.


Anser said…
Totally agree with you on the saying but the fact remains that majority of the chinese are too concern on themselves, interest blah blah .. and a good example will be the tussle between China n China @ Taiwan despite the differences in idea blah blah ..
Bottomline .. aren't they chinese as well ???
Simon said…
bcoz of money. and power. actually with money you have power...
Jessy said…
Agree totally!

Since we are all Chinese, why segregate among ourselves?

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