Titleist Demo Day Review

Finally a demo day by Titleist in Kuching. Acushnet the distributor in Malaysia is rather slack in giving out demo units and organizing road show. So this is rather a good treat for die hard fan like me.

However to my disappointment; only the latest drivers 905t, a few 904F fairways woods and cobra drivers were brought for this trip. They should have at least brought more irons and variety of their renown Vokey wedges since this rare event only come once year. Or at least provide local pro shops with demo units, which none is available to date!

I have been waiting for ages to demo this unit: Titleist latest 904F fairway wood 15.0 degree with True Temper steel shaft S300. (shown below) My, it was worth the wait! This is going into my bag very soon. Steel shaft are only available to the 15.0 and 19.0 degree. The other 22.0 degree unit that I am eyeing need to be custom order which will take 6 weeks.

** Updated : See latest 904F review

Next were these latest big dogs:

Titleist 905t 9.5 degree with Grafalloy Blue Stiff flex shaft. Great stable tip and feel however its not recomended for average swing speed player. One of the tester, a 3 handicapper love it straight away and I can see why, as he hits it beautifully over the 250m marker and out of sight! This stiff shaft is not for average Joe.

Titleist 905T 9.5 degree with Aldila 65.0 series Stiff flex shaft. I had this specification in mind ever since it was launched. Compared to my Titleist 983k 10.5 with custom order 661 Fujikura shaft. This new 905t blew it away in term of forgiveness and distance. Which I attribute to the bigger sweet spot and higher launch angle. The rolls where more pronounce compared to my 10.5. Definitely my next early Christmas gift.


Confirmed rumours that new iron models will be launch by year end. Cavity muscle back as I was told. Click HERE for updates


Anser said…
So which model is better ?? the T or S ??? cannot handle 905S ah ???
Anser said…
Btw .. i notice some irons for demo mah ??? maybe tits does not have enough model to roll out for all serious players la hhaahah
MahaguruSia said…
Anser - There were no 905S demo model available. Beside I prefer the deeper face of the 905T. Cosmetically pleasing to the eyes. As for the irons I thinking its part of titleist marketing strategy.

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