A Malaysian's dilemma

I always thought that I am a true Malaysian.

Currently I am the third generation born and bred in Malaysia. I went through multi racial national schools and innocently I love this country until I found out that I was not entitled to enter local universities, eventhough my grades were much better than my friends. Luckily my family could afford to send me abroad. Years later I returned, because I still love this country. However it sadden me when I found more discriminations. Why am I not entitle to many things? Am I not Malaysian?!

Not many can tolerate this injustice being a (non-bumi) Malaysian. No doubt that this segregations is the main cause of our country brain drain. Stubbornly I still love this country that I call home but there is a limit to everything. The tidak apa attitude is growing thin and becoming a glocal joke.

We do not need another keris waving act, what we need are fair and equal right! We are after all Malaysian.


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