What's your take on Streamyx?

Too much have been said about them. Is Streamyx a blessing or a cursed? With their monopoly, consumers are at their mercy. Coupled with their slow and inefficient services, Malaysia tentu boleh.

As a consumer, what can you do?


thquah said…
Cannot do much meh.If we still want to use streamyx unless you try other providers/vendors which is more expensive.Streamyx is still the cheapest compare with all the others providers.
Jerry said…
I used to tell people they ought to count themselves dang lucky to get DSL (and cheaper than most other countries kb by kb), considered we're still 3rd world and all.

But true, this's been talked to death in public forums: Telekom still needs to stop monopolising the network and allow more vendors to come in, et cetera et cetera.

Eh, what happened with that Conference about ISPs last time anyway? Other than the speed upgrades there hasn't been anything significant afterwards... or did i miss something?
Anonymous said…
If there is a will, there is a way.

Jerry - we ought to shoot ourself, as we are 2 generation behind in term of dsl technology. What is the use of cheap, when we are constantly overcharged for sub standard quality?

Then again why the fuss, becos of our tidak apa attitude? We ought to make a difference, otherwise who will?

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