Life savior stall

This is my life savior stall. I frequent this place almost every week, ever since I was a teen. Their menu is simple, only fried kueh-tiaw or noodles. Normally they are fried with egg and taugeh, beansprouts (upgrade by ordering the special; meat and seafood are added) or the alternative wet version with tomato ketchup gravy also makes my mouth salivate just by typing them here!

Noticed the chef? He is one happy chap. Always a sincere smile in him. At the background is his ever helpful wife. Together as a team, they combined very well. And they have been there for as long as I can remember. Saw their once little boy, grew up to be a strong young man. Maybe a simpler life at times provide a happier life..... ?


Wingz said…
*slurps* salivating sial~

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