Kuching Kueh Chap

** Warning. This is a non-halal section. **

Before anyone ask, yes! it seems that most of the food that I write about contain the word kueh in them. I cannot figure it out either, maybe it is a plain coincident or I just simply like kueh stuff? So what is Kueh-Chap?

The word is derived from hokkien (a Chinese dialect). 'Kueh' in this context refer to the flat noodle, similar to kueh-tiaw but much wider or uncut version and 'chap' means, mixtures. As a whole, Kueh-Chap means a mixtures of kueh, pork meat, skins, internal organs, deep fried taufu and specialty herbs that makes the soup unique.

Another what food to eat when one visit Kuching besides the must try Sarawak Laksa.

So far there are only two stalls that I frequent, which I consider the best tasting in town as their kueh chap does not contain the ordour*. Then someone told me that the vegetarian version tasted better and does not have this problem. I find it rather amusing as to why bother making them in the first place, you know those look alike meat made from flour? It is just like cheating oneself? No offence to the true vegetarians, just my personal meaty observation.


Shag said…
kueh chap is lovely stuff. i miss it already
Wingz said…
*slurps* pork!!!!!!!!!!!
dizzyguy73 said…
darnit! stomach butterfly now.
yvy said…

i'm hugnry wei, it looks so blardy good. YUM!!!!
Anonymous said…
So where do u reckon has the best kueh chap? My personal favourite is the old shop in the middle of the row of shophouses opposite the old Rex Cinema (now Star Cineplex).
MahaguruSia said…
Kuching best Kueh Chap? Since finding good food is half of the fun, I will not reveal the locations but I will give you some clues; the two bowl photos. They are the places I frequent most, simply because they are the best.

As for night Kueh Chap (although not as good), you can find it at Petanak Market 1st floor. You can't missed it at night as it's the stall that is always pack.

Good luck. :)

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