I found a kopi-tiam with a tranquil ever green view this morning.

The muted traffic sounds in the distance seems to be non existent. And the aroma of freshly brew coffee ... ahh! definitely the best antidote for waking those sleepy eyes. Steam bellowing from the laksa and porridge stalls definitely builts up the appetite.

As I sip my kopi-O and flips through the morning newspaper, I felt really glad that I am in Kuching. Another news on bomb blast! This time in old London. Coincidentally it happened a day after it was elected to host the 2012 Olympics? or was it due to the G8 meetings? Plenty of theories and only God knows what is becoming to this world. My sympathy to the victims and families.

In Kuching, we are somehow protected, there are no bomb blast, no wars or any horrific natural disaster. In fact we are oblivious to these things and without knowing it, took them for granted.

I am glad to be here.......


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