Coffee Shops Hopping

It's July and it's also the beginning month of the must anticipated 5-day work week in Malaysia's civil service. Before, all goverment agencies works for 5 and 1/2 days. Good decision to change! As the few hours on Saturday usually goes to complete waste (for most people). Typical sight are The breakfast, newspaper reading, small chat and before they know it, its time to head home. Productive!?

For me (*sheepishly*), I get calls for breakfasts almost daily! At times 3 sessions in one morning! Luckily I am not on someone's payroll eh? *smirk* Oh well.... I have a big tummy to fill, hehe. So instead of bar hopping, I coffee-shop hop! Here are some of my favorites food:

The famous Ah Heng's Goo Bak mee (Beef noodle)

At another coffee shop

Healthy "Popiah" or spring roll (Where is the spring!!?)


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