Where do you call HOME?

I have a home and I know exactly where it is. Home is here with my family.

What I find rather perplexing are for Malaysians that are now or have recently been abroad; they tend to sway with the wind and worship foreign land like there is no tomorrow. Mind you, I was away for my education when the quota system miserably denied me entry and like a plague, the low patriotism disease infected me. Maybe because it was the country's selfish policies that made us such. It made some of us to believed that equal opportunity will never exist, even when we are all Malaysians. Or maybe because the country is still under developed thus lack of the infrastructures, amenities and opportunities?

I can understand their predicament but why condemn your own country when its the place where our parents and fore fathers toiled their bones and made their living to send them aboard? Some are in self denial and will never acknowledge or consider this as their root eventhough they have lived nearly half their lives here. Excuses are plenty. Is it because they are afraid of failure or the truth? Are they worried to move out of their comfort zone and the unknown obstacles along the way? In reality, life is a constant struggle, no matter where you are. It is just the way life is.

Many returned to this country, but only when they have no other choice, usually when they are not wanted in their dream country and their visas expired. Others returned because of noble causes and their duty conscience. Some returned simply because this is home.


jeemin said…
im currently studying in melbourne but i always look forward to coming back to kl. that will always be home for me. i find that its the same feeling with many of my friends and we usually sit around and bitch about how much melbourne sux compared to kl =p

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