Internet banking safe?

Internet banking; it is the new way of making transaction in Malaysia. So how safe is it?

Obviously it is not fail proof as what I found out recently. A friend tried sending a small fee into my account via her e-bank account and I mistakenly emailed her the wrong account number! (me and my tYpiNg skills!) Soon after I discovered my silly error, I made numerous calls to both banks trying to rectify the problem but todate the money is yet to be found! Lost in virtual world?? And luckily the amount was not too painful to bear.

Any IT savvy person or people with common sense will know that it should be impossible to deposit money into an account without matching name. In my case, I mistakenly gave the wrong account number and my correct full name. The transaction went through nevertheless! According to the helpful but hopeless bank manager that I met, in e-banking as long there are numbers, the transaction will be process. So where are the security features?!!

They are right when they say banks treat us like numbers!


Din said…
I too was sceptical at first, but i have used for over a year now, and it hasn't failed me yet. i pay my credit card (i saved under favourite beneficiary, can never go wrong) and get top ups for my mobile phone.

the only pissing off part is the rm2 charge for interbank transfer. bloody...

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