Goldilocks and the 3 bears

I tend to associate porridge with my old bedtime story, Ms. Goldilocks.

A simple breakfast yet one of the healthiest around. In the early days, I remembered porridge was normally taken when one was ill. Somehow it found its way to coffee shops and now it has become a common daily breakfast.

There are a few different types of porridges in Kuching. Teo-Chew's and Hokkien's are the two common ones. The differences can be found in their water dilution and garnishes. Most of them offer same choices of meat, fish, chicken or a mixture. The best porridge can be found at rare traditional stalls that cooks them over charcoal stove. Egg is optional and so are the Ew-Char-Kueh but usually a must for most people. The garnish consist of fresh chopped spring onion, fried onion oil and local seasonings. Light soya sauce and pepper are self added to taste. Unlike poor Goldilocks, she had to try 3 bowls before she got it right.


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