Char Kueh

One of my all time favorite food, Char-Kueh. Which literally means fried cake? It's made from fermented flour (a process that one would not want to see!) Normally its pan fried, with egg(s) stirred in, plus some seasonings. It comes in two versions, the sweet or salty type.

I remembered during my young days, for supper I used to cycle in pajamas with an egg in the pocket to my favorite stall. There I would give the egg to the lady to be cook with my char kueh, cheaper as you bring your own egg.

There we go! (above picture) A habit that I have been taught, finishing it all up. My late grandfather always reminded us not to waste any food. Its all hard earned money and it doesn't come by easily.

Sweet Char Kueh


Wuching said…
luv it mate, i'm drooling..
babe_kl said…
wahhh yr char kueh special one is it? so much eggs in it??

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